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The discography

Albums and Singles 1999 - 2006

Shine On
The first single ever from Alcazar grounded by Tess, Annikafiore and Andreas. Their songwriter Alexander Bard wanted to try a sound related to the Brithey Spears-sound that was very popular at the time. He came up with "Shine On" and it was released as first single from the album that was going to be called "Casino".

No big fuzz in Sweden about this release, but in Russia they loved this bombastique ballad.

The arty video was shot at the Oscar theatre in the heart of Stockholm and directed by Fredrik Boklund. The Alcazar project was on the move and nothing could stop them now...

74321 66773 2 (BMG Sweden)
Released 1999-09-15 in Sweden only

1. Radio Edit (3:32)

2. Suezia Remix Radio Edit (3:22)
3. Speed Bump Disco Mix (4:28)
4. Suezia Remix Club Edit (4:24)
5. Extended Version (5:15)
Ritmo Del Amor
This was the third single to be released from the original version of the "Casino" album. This slightly remixed new version was later on used on the new editions of the album.

When the "Ritmo Del Amor" single was released the band hoped for a big summer hit, but as the launch was delayed until September it never made the charts at all. It was never released outside the Nordic territories, or with any additional maxi version.

The Bounty-smelling sleeve is a favourite although, and the track was performed at the European tours for a long time.

74321 78038 2 (BMG Sweden)
Released 2000-09-25 in Sweden only

1. Ritmo Del Amor (Radio Edit) (3:18)
2. Tears Of A Clone (4:12)
Crying At The Discoteque
Second single in Sweden didn't do well at all. At the beginning. The low-low budget video with dancers in animal heads didn't rotate on the music channels aso. Was this going to be a flop..? Well, it seemed like it for a while - but suddenly things started to happen... Finland had picked up the song and they liked it more and more. This resulted in that Alcazar went there for several club gigs. BMG Sweden hadnīt lost faith in the song and released the single again and again to Swedish radio stations. Still nothing.

Alcazar has Napster to thank for what happened next. DJīs all over Europe had opened their eyes to this Chic-sampled disco killer and started to play it at their local clubs. This resulted in that "Crying At The Discoteque" began its victory tour all over Europe - including almost every country there is... But nothing in Sweden. You just canīt be a prophet in your own country...
The track went up the charts everywhere and has up to this day almost sold 1.000.000 copies! Not bad for a song rejected by the Swedish radio stations, donīt you think? For the American version of the TV-series "Queer As Folks" Alcazars song about Richard Gereīs tie and the Discoteria (does anyone understand what that is anyway?) was the lead-off single from the soundtrack album and gave the group opportunity to go to the States and promote the US edition of the "Casino" album.

It was (and still is) a big hit all over the world - America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Wonderful statistics for the next singles...

Swedish Single CD (carton)
74321 72165 2 (BMG Sweden) released 2000
1. Radio Edit (3:50)

2. Extended Version (4:58)

Casino (Scandinavian edition)
74321 72161 2 (BMG Sweden) Released 2000

1. Donīt Leave Me Alone (4:05)
2. Crying At The Discoteque (3:50)
3. Shine On (3:32)
4. Transmetropolis (4:10)
5. Stars Come Out At Night (3:35)
6. Paris In The Rain (3:31)
7. Baby Come Back (3:27)
8. Salome (4:09)
9. Ritmo Del Amor (3:21)
10. Seasons In The Sun (3:28)
11. Tears Of A Clone (4:12)
12. The Bells Of Alcazar (3:57)
13. Blues In G-Minor (3:24)
14. Dub Leave Me Alone (4:29)

The very first edition to hit the stores from this wonderful disco trio. They played around in the studio and tried many different styles and moods on the tracks. So therefore we meet the humour in "Ritmo Del Amor", the drama in "Shine On" and the clubhopping in "Crying At The Discoteque".

Most of the tracks were written by Alexander Bard (of Army of Lovers). This version was released in Sweden only and didnīt make a big noise on the charts. The singles made it big in Finland and Russia so the group started to tour in Europe instead - not knowing what would come later down the road... you just canīt be prophets in your own country.

Notice that this is the only place where some of the songs would ever appear - they were replaced in later editions.
Sexual Guarantee
The follow up to "CATD" was one of the new recordings included on the new edition of "Casino". Following the same concept as before they sampled Chicīs hit "Forbidden Lover". The video was directed by Jesper Ganslandt and was filmed in Europahuset in Stockholm. The theme this time was soap operas from the eighties - Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest.

The single was released in Europe, but in different formats and sleeves. For instance England once again made their own sleeves and used their own Alcazar logotype. The first country to release the single was Sweden and Finland and then the rest of Europe followed.

Some territories werenīt too sure about releasing this track as a single because of the explicit title. Australia for example never did - they released "Donīt You Want Me" instead.

European Promo CD (slimcase)
74321 907622 9 (BMG Sweden) 2001
1. Sexual Guarantee (3:34)

Donīt You Want Me
To the European version of "Casino" Alcazar recorded several new songs - and one of them was the Human League cover "Donīt You Want Me". The track was recorded in Stockholm at first, but when they wanted it for a new pan-european single a whole new version was made.

Alcazar went to England to record new vocals with the famous Almighty team. Almighty has become famous because of excellent remixes made for the European dancefloors. They ended up with a new version of "Donīt You Want Me" with an even more modern beat than the album version, and everybody was extremely happy with the result.

The video was filmed at Filmhuset in Stockholm, and once again Jesper Ganslandt directed it all. As always in Alcazar videos the storyline takes place in "Alcazar world" - and this time it all took place in "Circus Alcazar". The video is filled with horses, ducks, an evil parrot, acrobats and the wonderful Alcazar ballet.

The cover to the single was shot during a break in the video shoots, so there you can see what the group looked like... the clothes were especially designed by the genius Swedish designer lars Wallin. He managed to clash a lot of humour, bits of glamour and a little bit of tackiness in the very same outfits, and the result was wonderful!

The whole video shoot took almost 23 hours, and actually includes Annikafioreīs boyfriend juggling with fire in the background! The Alcazar dog Selma was styled in a pink ballerina dress and waited for the whole day to make her scene where she would make beautiful jumps in the circus arena. But when she finally would get to do the scenes she was too tired and the scene had to be deleted...23 hours is a very long time to wait for a little dog...

Watch the video

The single was released in Australia as a follow up to the megahit single "Crying At The Discoteque" and the release includes the "Ivanīs X Mix" of CATD as a bonus. The white 12 inch was released in Europe and distributed to DJīs to get maximum airplay at the disco arenas.

Rumour has it that Human League likes this version, and Alcazar still performs this track at their live shows around the world.

European Maxi CD (slimcase)
74321 93982 2 (BMG Sweden) released 2002-05-27

1. Almighty Radio Edit (3:27)

2. Project Eden Remix (7:34)
3. Almighty Club Mix (7:25)
4. Johan S Mix (7:15)

Casino (Second European edition)

1. Sexual Guarantee
2. Crying At The Discoteque
3. Don't Leave Me Alone
4. Almost Famous
5. Paradise

6. Transmetropolis  
7. Stars Come Out At Night
8. Paris In The Rain
9. Baby Come Back
10. Breaking Free  
11. Don't You Want Me

12. Shine On  
13. Ritmo Del Amor
14. Tears Of A Clone
15. The Bells Of Alcazar
Hidden track: Blues In G-minor

The second european edition of the album. Four new tracks had been added (written by among others A. Bard, and the groupīs close friend J Pipe). "Seasons In The Sun" and "Salome" was removed in favour of the new tracks, and "Donīt You Want Me" was replaced by the Almighty single version. The australian release is identical in track order, but changed the colour of the artwork on the sleeve.

Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
In spring 2003 alcazar entered the Swedish pre-selections for the Eurovision Song Contest. They fell for this wonderful ABBA-glitter-glamour-number and so did the Swedes.

They ended up at 3rd place and this single went straight up to the very top of every chart there is! For example no 1 at the single sales chart, the Swedish airplay list, "Tracks" and it is Alcazarīs biggest hit in Sweden so far!

They say that itīs always the songs that didnīt win that makes their way to the peopleīs hearts - and in spring 2003 the swedes were totally alcazarized...

This was the first single to give a prewiew of the forthcoming album, but was only released in Sweden.

Nevertheless, the song was added at radio stations around Europe, and helped to spread the word that Alcazar was once again on the move!

The single is released in a cardboard sleeve with an ultra glossy coating, which makes it look glamorous and classy. Due to the big public demand some of the pressings didnīt get the glossy finish. There was no time! Everybody wanted to get a hold of a copy of this one!

82876 51572 2 (BMG Sweden / M&L RECORDS) (cardboard)
Released 2003-03-10 in Sweden only

1. Radio Edit (3:00)

2. Disco Club Mix (4:43)
3. FLīs Heaven And Hell Remix (4:19)
4. Sing-A-Long Version (3:00)


Alcazarized (Scandinavian edition)
82876 52480 2(BMG Sweden) Released 2003

Hidden track:
Dance With The DJ (4:04)
1. I Love The DJ (3:32)
2. Celebrate The Night (3:50)
3. Ménage Ā Trois (3:49)
4. Dancefloor Docusoap (3:27)
5. Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (3:00)
6. Funky Feet (3:33)
7. I Go Shopping (3:30)
8. Last Days Of Disco (4:22)
9. Chemistry (3:27)
10. Love Life 3:53)
11. Wonderland (4:46)
12. Singing To Heaven (3:30)
13. Here I Am (4:47)
14. Someday (4:05)
Hidden track: Save My Pride (4:36)

The long awaited second album was released in Sweden in May just before their "Youīve Been Alcazarized Tour 2003" began.
Alcazar - now 4 members - has chosen songs that they love. They recorded almost 20 songs for the album and then picked out their very favourites. The result is this glamourus compilation of happy tunes that makes you smile and wanna dance!
They continued working with Alexander Bard at four tracks, but also got songs from Swedish superstar Orup and his team. After a concert at G.A.Y. Alcazar got in touch with Pet Shop Boys, and the song "Love Life" was written especially for the quartet after that! When you think of the fact that PSB almost never write songs for others this is a big thing in Alcazarīs life! Songs from the Vacuum-singer Mathias Lindblom was also included ("Celebrate The Night" is co-written by Alcazarīs Andreas!), and the wonderful ballad "Here I Am" written by the bandsī close friend J Pipe. "Funky Feet" is a "forgotten ABBA-song" that is the first version of "Dancing Queen" but never recorded by ABBA themselves. Alcazar found the early recording and did this version very close to the original touch. An ABBA cover, but at the same time not. How about that?!
The mode of "Alcazarized" is more happy and partygoing than the first album "Casino" that some says feels more psychedelic and bittersweet.
The superhit "Not A Sinner Nor A Saint" is of course included as well as the singles "Ménage Ā Trois" (first european single release from the European version planned for release in Spring 2004), "Someday" (Official Song for Stockholm Gay Pride 2003) and "Love Life".

Ménage ā Trois
The 1st single from the album "Alcazarized" outside of Sweden. The song has a similar sound as "Sexual Guarantee" and was quite logic to be the first track to hit Europe.

The video takes place at "Hotel Alcazar" and there you can see Alcazar as piccolos and very beautiful maids. They have one mission in life: to drive the hotel manager completely mad. And do they succeed..? Go to the
video page to find

The manager is played by the groupīs close friend Micke Grahn, and he also plays the video director in "CATD" and the circus manager in "DYWM". The video was filmed at Berns Salonger in Stockholm.

The track and the video soon became "Hit warning of the week" on Swedish TV and the song went up to top 10 on Swedenīs most airplayed songs.
And this is just the beginning...

Due to the fact that European DJīs still uses vinyl BMG also released the "Ménage Ā Trois" single as 12 inch. It contains all official remixes of the track as well as the album version. Released only in a limited number of copies.

European Single CD (carton)
82876 53269 2 (BMG Sweden) Released 2003-06-30
1. Original Version (3:49)

2. Now In Stereo Edit (7:14)

It didnīt take long for Alcazar to accept when Stockholm Pride asked them to sing their official anthem for Pride 2003. Alcazar had one particular song in mind placed as closing song on the released album - Someday.

It is a song written by the Swedish pop legend Orup and his team of co-writers, very anthem-like and a lyric that tells us to unite and love one another. It was a very suitable choice everyone thought, and so it was decided. Rumours had it that the hidden track "Save My Pride" (written by Alexander Bard) was the choice of song but that idea was discarded when "Someday" came up.

The single was released in Sweden only - much because of the fact that it would collide with the released European single "Ménage Ā Trois" if it was released in other areas. The video
(watch the video) was shot under two days in summerhot Stockholm, including a performance of Alcazarīs "Youīve Been Alcazarized Tour" at Gröna Lund. The track became a radio hit and climbed the Swedish single chart as well as the airplay list. A perfect end to every Alcazar performance and you can expect hands in the air every time the refrain starts to pump... The remix made it a gay club hit as well.

From an idea to make it a limited copy edition, BMG had to make a bigger pressing due to public demand. Note that the single version is the same as the album version, but with an ending instead of fade out. An alternative radio mix was made, but is still unreleased today.

Check out the
gallery with pics from the video session at Karlbergs Slott, Stockholm.

Swedish CD Single (carton)
82876 55201 2 (BMG Sweden) Released 2003

1. Original Version (4:28)
2. Studio 54 Revival Remix (4:16)

Love Life
As a lead in promoting the Swedish club tour in fall 2003, next single was released. The choice wasnīt very hard - the Pet Shop Boys-written glamour anthem "Love Life" was the natural choice. A perfect mix between the Pet Shop Boys sound and Alcazarīs vocals were made by the producer team Mathias Lindblom and Anders Wohlbeck of Vaccum.

"Someday" had just left the Swedish charts when "Love Life" made its entrance. The song was performed in big major Swedish TV shows during this period, which made it their biggest hit since "Not A Sinner Nor A Saint" and their fourth big hit from "Alcazarized" in Sweden - all made in only one year!! Alcazar were very happy to know that the Pet Shop Boys liked their version of the track. A dream come true, Alcazar says.

The single wasnīt promoted with any video clip, because of the fact that it wasnīt to be released in rest of the world at this time. Maybe one will be made later on if/when the track becomes a single outside the Swedish borders.

Swedish CD Single (carton)
82876 56900 2 (BMG Sweden) Released 2003
1. Original Version (3:54)

2. Extended Version (6:35)
3. FL Rebirth Club Mix (9:22)

This Is The World We Live In

The demo was slightly tacky with a corny voice singing the lead vocals, but the fact remained - the song was a super hit already in this state. The Alcazar stab immediately started to get their hands on the samples of the track. And that was not so easy as they thought... The backing track is/was a beat cut out of the Diana Ross epic "Upside Down" and the chorus melody and lines was borrowed from Genesisī "Land Of Confusion". Diana Ross was not too pleased with the idea, because on the original demo her voice could be heard singing "I say..." Maybe she had a bad day but she said totally no to the project. Never the less, the song writers (the Chic guys - surprise surprise...) gave the track its blessing, so the production team von der Burg and Co had to re-make the sample as close to the original as possible. The final work was incredible, and you canīt hear the difference between miss Rossī version and the Alcazar loop. In the end this ment that instead of cashing in some royaltys, miss Ross wonīt get a nickle. Too bad. Those divas...

The single was released in Sweden (although it never was intended to) to promote the upcoming summer tour. And became a big smash almost instantly. The video was recorded in Stockholm with Mikaedelica behind the cameras, showing a sexy, new-styled and revitalized Alcazar.

The single was released in Europe also, and went up to the very top in several countries as South Africa, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Belgium etc etc (for more info - check the news page here at Alcazarworld!). Upcoming release dates in Japan and Australia is to follow...

Released in different versions and formats as usual. Here are the very most of them.

Swedish CDsingle (cardboard sleeve)
82876 62055 2 (BMG Sweden) Released 2004

1. Radio Edit (3:37)

2. Extended Version (6:01)


After the success with the former single, the same producer team came up with two more tracks in the same style. The one that immediatley caught the most attention was the track that had looped the guitar riff from Londonbeat's hit "I've Been Thinking About You". The lyrics was written as a big flirt to the disco moves on the dancefloor and the title was "The Bump". Alcazar recorded it and went home to listen to the tape. But there was something missing in the hook line. So they returned to record an alternative re-written lyric - "Physical". When this was done everyone was convinced that this really was the next single.

Curious about how it sounded in its first version..? Click here:
The Bump (a clip of the early version of "Physical")

Video ideas came up that would flirt with Olivia Newton-John's pop classic with the same name, with Alcazar performing and acting in a gym... This idea was thrown away and the video was instead filmed at an enormous hotel suite at InfraCity, right outside Stockholm. The members filmed dance routines in the citchy rooms - Andreas in the kitchen, Tess in the bath, Annikafiore in the livingroom and Magnus in bed. The parts were filmed in doublespeed, so when the director (same as the former video by the way) slows the video tape down to its original speed it looks like Alcazar is moving in slowmotion, but the lips still syncing to the music. It look very... glamourous...

Part two was filmed in London under two days when Alcazar was there to promote their single release of "This Is The World We Live In". Shots were taken in the streets of Soho, at the hotel and at the club G.A.Y. . When all material was cut into a complete video, it shows "a normal day in Alcazar's life".

The single was put in a unique sleeve to accompaign the release of Alcazar's limited edition make up line at the Make Up Store's boutiques in Sweden. The sixty-influed remix of "Not A Sinner Nor A Saint" was chosen to be the flipside on this release. This version of the single is only available in Make Up Store boutiques and is a give-away to everyone who shops the new make up products wearing Alcazar's name.

The track moved up to no 1 in the airplay chart of Sweden. And boosted the sales of their recent Sweden-only compilation album "Dancefloor Deluxe". The European single with remixes from SoundFactory and Mark Jones will be set in end of September and the beginning of October.

European CD Maxi Single (slimcase)
82876 65131 2 (BMG Sweden AB) Released October 2004

1. Radio Edit

2. SoundFactory Club Anthem
3. Original Extended
4. SoundFactory Glamour Dub
5. Mark Jason's Dancefloor Conqueror UK Remix


Alcazarized (First European edition)
82876 63338 2 (BMG Sweden) Released 2004-08-02

1. This Is The World We Live In

2. I Love The DJ
3. Physical
4. Love Life
5. Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
6. Funky Feet
7. I Go Shopping
8. Last Days Of Disco
9. Celebrate The Night
10. Singing To Heaven
11. Someday
12. Bonus track: Crying At The Discoteque
Hidden track: Here I Am

After having great success in Sweden with the singles from "Alcazarized", the group and the BMG Sweden office started to aim for the European market. As first single "Ménage Ā Trois" was chosen. (Every BMG office in Europe had their favourite song as possible single choice, but at last minute this song was chosen. Mainly cause it sounded most "the old Alcazar" on the album). Alcazar went to Germany and Austria for example to promote the new lead off single from the following album. But something went wrong. The single was released too late and it missed to get on the airplay charts before the Europeans began their summer holidays. So the track went down the drain. And perhaps the album release too..?

Alcazar and BMG didnīt know which single to chose as next release. Hard clubhopping in "I Love The DJ" or maybe sensual retrodisco as in "I Go Shopping"? Maybe camp, love and happiness as in "Someday"?? They just didn't know. But then a demo popped up...

It was the demo of "This Is The World We Live In" and despite the corny sound of the demo, everyone immediately understood that THIS was the single that Europe was waiting for from Alcazar! The arrangement was based on a sample from Diana Ross' "Upside Down" and the chorus melody was a part from Genesis' hit "World Of Confusion". The producers and Alcazar worked on the track for two days, and everyone was very pleased with the resoult. And ... so was Europe. The single went to the very top in almost every European country, and will soon be released in Britain aswell!

The idea to re-incarnate "Alcazarized" continued, and soon had Alcazar recorded yet another two songs: "Physical" and "Start The Fire". "Physical" was a whole new melody sang above a sample of LondonBeat's "I've Been Thinking About You". The lyrics was a little more difficult this time. It had to have a hook that everyone would catch immediately. Some alternate lyrics were made. "French Kissing In The Night". "Johnny" - and "The Bump". At this point Alcazar fell in love with "The Bump" version and recorded it. But very soon they found out that something was missing. And it was then the "Physical" lyrics came like sent from above. Now the song was completed with the new choruses and the girl's middle whispering section.

"Start The Fire" (based on a sample from Billy Joel's hit) was intended to be included on the album aswell, but unfortunately the Billy Joel sample was not cleared until the deadline had passed. But it seems lite the European edition of "Alcazarized" will go the same way as "Casino" did: a second one will be made, and this time including "Start The Fire". Perhaps with a little darker shade of red on the front cover.

Some old tracks had to be lifted off from the original edition, to leave space for the new ones. The flop single "Ménage Ā Trois" hade to go, as well as "Dancefloor Docusoap" - a pretty catchy track, but the fact is that there is nothing that can be called "docusoap". It is called reality TV or something like that -but NOT docusoap. "Chemistry" and "Wonderland" fell off also. And as a bonus track the Europeans got "Crying At The Discoteque" - their biggest hit so far.

The adventure continues...

Dancefloor Deluxe

82876 63354 2 (BMG Sweden) Released in Sweden 2004-08-25

First print cover layout
  The new redesigned
cover layout

CD 1: Deluxe
1. This Is The World We Live In (3:35)
2. Physical (3:29)
3. Start The Fire (3:17)
4. Love Life (3:53)
5. Someday (Unreleased Single Mix) (4:27)
6. Ménage Ā Trois (3:48)
7. Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (3:01)
8. Don't You Want Me (Almighty Radio Edit) (3:28)
9. Sexual Guarantee (3:35)
10. Ritmo Del Amor (Radio Edit) (3:18)
11. Crying At The Discoteque (3:52)
12. Shine On (3:32)
CD 2: Dancefloor
1. Intro: Dancefloor Deluxe (0:48)
2. This Is The World We Live In (SoundFactory Club Anthem) (3:48)
3. Start The Fire (Original Version) (3:37)
4. Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix) (3:29)
5. Paradise (FL's Re-Invention Club Mix) (3:14)
6. Someday (Studio 54 Revival Remix) (3:54)
7. Ménage Ā Trois (J. Pipe Smooth Club Edit) (3:56)
8. Shine On (Suezia Remix Radio Edit) (2:51))
9. Don't You Want Me (Wild Cowboys Blonde Radio Mix) (4:23)
10. Physical (Original Version) (3:25)
11. Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (Disco Club Mix) (3:45)
12. Save My Pride (Original Edit) (3:05)
13. Dance With The DJ (Original Edit) (3:05)
14. Love Life (FL's Rebirth Club Mix) (4:01)
15. Crying At The Discoteque (Special Extended Show Version) (4:42)
The single "This Is The World We Live In" was not intended for the Swedish audience at all - mainly because Alcazar was not preparing any new album for the moment, but waiting for the European launch of "Alcazarized". The song was recorded (back to back with "Start The Fire" and "Physical") to complete a revised tracklist of "Alcazarized", but when everyone heard the resoult, they realized that this was a song with huge potential for success. So Alcazar thought it over and decided to release the single in Sweden also. And the rest is history - not since "Not A Sinner Nor A Saint" had the group have such airplay and sales figures in Sweden. But then there was a new problem - how would they follow up the success? A new edition of the Scandinavian "Alcazarized", or what?? The answer was: no.
Instead everybody saw the idea of a Greatest Hits album take shape. Alcazar has never sold any big loads of albums in Sweden and therefore many of the Swedish fans had missed the previous tracks. So a tracklist was made up with every single released to date, and with the three new tracks included as potential single choises in near future. But Alcazar wasnīt finished yet.
Every single had been heavily remixed and released in different formats and shapes over the world, and in Sweden singles are released in two versions - one with two tracks, and one with the remixes. The two track-er is of course much cheaper, so the remixes was manly unheard by the audience. But played on clubs and dancefloors, of course... So Alcazar gave FL the master tapes of their favourite remixes and gave him the adventure to combine and create the ultimate Alcazar Mega Medley! He took the bate, and soon they had a magnifique medley in their hands - containing remixes and beats, perfect for the party and the disco dancefloors!
To make the package even more decireable to the fans, Alcazar put in some rarities and unreleased stuff for the hardcore Alcazar fans. Some of the unique stuff is:
The FL Remix of "Paradise". This song was never released in Sweden at all, and this remix is made especially for this album.

"Save My Pride" and "Dance With The DJ". The hidden tracks from the Swedish "Alcazarized" edition certainly deserved their place in the sun, so Alcazar decided to make them official here. In the megamix however, they are re-edited and re-cut, so it is not the same versions that appears on the original Swedish edition of "Alcazarized".

The Cowboy remix of "Donīt You Want Me". Never commersially released, and it was created to boost the American chart success of the track - in Junior Vasques' remix. This mix however, is one of Alcazar's favourite remixes of the track, if you donīt count the Almighty single edit that they always perform at live gigs.

The special feature on the "Greatest Hits" part of the album is the unreleased single remix of "Someday". It was slightly re-mixed when it was decided to be the official Pride Song 2003, and got a heavier beat during the process, and also a "cleaner" sound. The mix was never released, and appears here for the first time.
The first buyers of the "Dancefloor Deluxe" package found two sleeves in the jewel box. The first booklet had a layout with individual stills from the "TITWWLI" video on the cover. However, when the first badge of material was printed BMG Sweden found out that the resolution of the pics was too bad, and had to re-design it.
But as the first print was already made, they decided to put the "new" one on top of the other. So if you are lucky, you might have gotten a megarare copy of the album with TWO sleeves instead of ONE!


Alcazars melodyfestival tune as super heros in rymd..

  Original Version (3:06)

  Soundfactory Starstruck Anthem (9:33)

  The Attic Remix (6:11)

  Club Junkies 12" Remix (7:32)

  Soundfactory Connection Dub (9:35)

Acapella (3:03)

Dancefloor Deluxe new version

Release: 2005-04-12


1. This is the world we live in  
2. Alcastar  
3. Physical  
4. Here I am (english single version)  
5. Start the fire  
6. Love life  
7. Someday (unreleased single mix)  
8. Menage a trois  
9. Not a sinner nor a saint  
10. Don't you want me (almighty radio edit)  
11. Sexual guarantee  
12. Ritmo del amor (radio edit)  
13. Crying at the discoteque  

Shine on

Start the fire

Alcazars last singel out

Start the fire


Nothing but video on 

Start the fire - Extrend mix

Physical - Summer mix

Start the fire - Acapella



Have you a site about Annikafiore or Alcazar and photo and video with Annikafiore send to me
But only if you will.