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Namne: Eva Ingegerd Annika KjŠrgaard

Birthday: 18.05.1971

Astrological sing: Taurus

Color of hair: Red

Color of eyes: Blue/green

Heigth: 173 cm

Wegth: Now wait a minute...

Shoe size: 37

Education: 3 years of economy studies and 3 years ballet economy

What instrument do you play: Piano, guitar (poorly i should add)

First CD ever bought: ABBA, Waterloo

Favorite singer: George Michael

Favorite group: ABBA

Favorite CD at this moment: Kylie's good

Favorite CD ever: Ladies & Gentlemen by George Michael

Favorite clothing: Cleevage (hehe)

Favorite City: Paris in the rain

Favorite book / author: Elisabeth George

Favorite movie / actor: All about Eve / Bette Davis

Favorite videoclip: Crazy by fat boy slim Freedom by George Michael

Favorite drink: Hot chocolate

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite car: Limo

Favorite place of a Holiday: Scotland

Favorite Sport: Love watching soccer

Wat do you in your spare time: Watching soccer games

What do you dislike: Intolerance

Greatest disappointment: When Arsenal lost manuel Petit

Greatest memory: Meeting true love

Greatest wish: World peace and more shoes

Brothers and sisters: The Alcazar-family

Pets: Stepmother to Andreas doggs Selma and Pipen

Friend / Married: yes my boyfred Jeppe and Alcazar-family

Residence: H÷llviken

Have you a site about Annikafiore or Alcazar and photo and video with Annikafiore send to me
But only if you will.